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New enfleurage announcement: Melting Sun. Gardenia Jasminoides Enfleurage by Cultivar.

Melting Sun ☽•☾ Gardenia jasminoides Enfleurage by Cultivar.
The aromatic range of Gardenia jasminoides, in the floral domain, is on par with rose (Rosa spp.), perhaps even exceeding that of rose because the enormous variation of G. jasminoides occurs within a single species. From milky mango lassi to yeasty pâte à choux, to civet, tropical rain, and custard, this organic marvel has been known anecdotally to have antidepressant and anxiolytic effects. Gardenia enfleurage is one of my favorite extractions to make, and it concentrates and displays the flower's fragrant span. Each jar embodies the historical record of that harvest, the climate, soil, air, and expression of those specific flowers in it.
          During summer 2022 I had 300-500 new gardenia flowers open each day in the Wild Veil Perfume gardens, equating to approximately 40,000 blossoms for the season. Once I surpassed previous years' product volume in early July, I set fresh pommade and designated chassis by cultivar. Gardenia jasminoides bears such aromatic range that I decided this flower deserved more than a full spectrum enfleurage, which itself is deep and glorious. Some varieties are heavy with civet; many breeds are lush and wet smelling; some have notes of poplar and propolis; while others carry whiffs of mango terpenes. Enfleurage by cultivar slices more finely the specificity of floral aura, an endeavor I hope will enrich the olfactory catalog I am building with Wild Veil. This listing is for the "Melting Sun" variety. Its flat face belies a rich perfume somewhat obscene with civet, fresh butter, and sponge cake.
Listed are several of my Gardenia jasminoides enfleurage by cultivar. All flowers grown in the Wild Veil Perfume gardens by me.
Banana Bunch
White Rose

Photo: enfleurage pommade with fresh "Melting Sun" flowers.


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