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New perfume announcement: The Pollen Spattered Bride

The Pollen Spattered Bride enfleurage perfume

a l c h e m y
1972 yellow gold (ad rave ancient). When the helterskelter's done, when the wreath is lost and won. Sun of Sharon turns to pollen, and Roman's now a Rowan. A sneeze and a midnight wedding for a witch: on Montecito peak, the benediction was done in black. Axis mundi rotates to Flo.
Includes perfumer made biodynamic extracts:
Gardenia jasminoides enfleurage
May honey absolute
Bee pollen absolute
Propolis absolute
Balsam poplar bud absolute
Incense smoke
Ocean air
Solid perfume only. Color may vary.

Photo: gardenia jasminoides from my gardens.

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