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A Tale of Two Incense

Lawudo incense from Kathmandu, which I cold extracted with ethanol, makes a seemingly paradoxical absolute of acidic richness. Tangy whiffs of saké, pelargonium, and rhododendron mix with a chocolate depth. Chalk, coffee, and metallic haimaglobous aromas fertile enough to be called menstrual. Lawudo invokes cured oak geranium leaves, a cultivar whose dark-savory incense personality dances between aloeswood and spice cabinet. Kitchen oud. Lawudo in reduction also reminoses one of ink and orris root. If there ever was an extract that relates to rhododendron as orris root relates to the iris flower, it would be Lawudo absolute.
     Smoke enfleurage concrete, from rope incense that I burned into cast fat. Its mild, sweet, comfort contrasts with Lawudo's cold riches. Sandalwood, aged coriander's vague celery, and saffron somehow combine to create the impression of beach campfire smoke dampened and absorbed by the surf that I was looking for in my perfume Clay.
haimaglobous - (adjective) having an iron blood scent.
          From haemoglobin (from Greek `αἷμα, haîma "blood" + Latin globus "ball, sphere" + -in [/ˈhməˌɡlbɪn, ˈhɛ-, -m-/]) + haîma (Greek `αἷμα, "blood") + globus (Latin, "ball, sphere").
reminodor - (noun) a scent that reminds one of another scent.
          From remind + odor.
reminose - (transitive verb) to remind one of another scent.
          From remind + nose.
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