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Balsam Fir sap vs. needles: an olfactory comparison of the different parts of the tree Abies balsamea

caramelized roses;
high fruity note like broken fresh white pine needles without the harsh edge, combined with green apple, and the straw, abstract apple scent of Roman chamomile;
benzoin amber without the burnt sugar note;
styrax liquidambar without the shoe polish top note.
fresh morning rose;
husky contours;
gumstope: the most overlooked (and perhaps defining) note in Abies balsamea needles is the scent of the starch-based adhesive placed along the interior of envelope flaps (the type you have to lick to seal). This odor is like the crust of its perfume, holding a pie jam center.
Photo: about 4 ounces of wild balsam fir sap I harvested this weekend. The sap erupts from blisters and drips down the trunk. I never puncture ("tap") trees, but instead collect the tears that have fallen by gently lifting them off of the bark, needles, and ground with a stylus.
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