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Banana Magnolia Enfleurage

Banana Champa
Banana Champak
Banana Champaca
Banana Champaka
Michelia figo
Magnolia figo
Literally, "in flower," enfleurage is a traditional method of extracting fragrance, utilizing only fat and plant material. Enfleurage is perhaps the best way to record the headspace of banana champaca in bloom. How else to describe the intensity of the aroma produced by this special tropical flower other than creamy, fruity, sunny sensuality, with unusual notes of play doh, kids' sparkle gel toothpaste, classical champaca, ripe bananas, and tropical "fruit punch." My pommade is a highly scented solid perfume-- not to be confused with pomade for hair-- that consists of individual organic banana magnolia blossoms from my tree placed on organic avocado butter by hand. I repeated this process over and over to reach a degree of fragrance saturation that captures all the aromatic stages the yellow and burgundy blossoms pass through, producing a fuller fragrance than you could ever encounter in the moment of a single sniff of an actual flower. Apply this silky perfumed butter to pulse points. Click here to purchase the Wild Veil banana magnolia enfleurage.
© 2021, Abby Hinsman for Wild Veil Perfume.