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Basic Scents

I'm constantly being asked, "Why so much shit, piss, glands, musk, rot, dirtiness, and menses?"
Undoubtedly, this question pertains to the base.
In other words, "Why are you such a basic gash?"
Base under acid (top notes).
If you love the flower, you must worship the worm.
Why so devalued, deplored, debased, denied, disavowed?
Just the basics please (I have listed below)
Eternal low, face down, asshole to the sun.
Basic, ergo sum.
"The term 'base' appears to have been first used in 1717 by the French chemist, Louis Lémery (1672-1743), as a synonym for the older Paracelsian term 'matrix.' In keeping with 16th-century animism, Paracelsus had postulated that naturally occurring salts grew within the earth as a result of a universal acid or seminal principle having impregnated an earthy matrix or womb." -- William B. Jensen, "The Origin of the Term 'Base,'" The Journal of Chemical Education. 83 (8): 1130. 2006.
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