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Coming Soon: Gardenia Enfleurage by Cultivar

With 300-500 new gardenia flowers opening each day in my gardens, I'm looking at approximately 40,000 blossoms contributing to enfleurage this season. I have already surpassed previous years' product volume and it's only the beginning of July. Last week I set fresh pommade and designated chassis by cultivar. Gardenia jasminoides bears such aromatic range that this flower deserves more than a full spectrum enfleurage, which itself is deep and glorious. Some varieties are heavy with civet; many breeds are lush and wet smelling; some have notes of poplar and propolis; while others carry whiffs of mango terpenes. Enfleurage by cultivar slices more finely the specificity of floral aura, an endeavor I hope will enrich the olfactory catalog I am building with Wild Veil. Listed are several of my Gardenia jasminoides enfleurage by cultivar. All flowers grown in the Wild Veil Perfume gardens by me.
Banana Bunch
White Rose
Melting Sun
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