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Just dropped: Wild Veil: The Grower-Perfumer’s Diary, or, Creating a Perfume Permaculture Paradise. My experiment growing a fragrant microcosm. February 2024

Wild Veil: The Grower-Perfumer’s Diary, or, Creating a Perfume Permaculture Paradise. February 2024.
My experiment growing a fragrant microcosm, guided by biodiversity and aroma-diversity. Mostly plants. Some animals. Some in-between and some both.
 ☽•☾  This download includes entries made throughout February 2024, with many new garden additions, and a daily record of the challenges and progressions in pioneering a fertile space for polyculture, completely off grid.

Do you like to read lists, logs, diaries, and journals? Are you a budding natural perfumer? If so you *might* be interested in my perfumer's diary that I keep for Wild Veil. Please note, this is not a how to guide or book of perfume formulas. This is the record I keep of my activities, which I find to be a helpful reference as, year after year, I manage my natural perfume business. I use it to keep track of seasonal tasks like which fragrant bulbs and seeds to plant and when. I also include notes on how my plants are doing, aromatic development of tinctures and extracts (e.g., smelling sessions). There is not much explanation or context given to the reader, and there is a lot of repetition pertaining to daily work: enfleurage, défleurage, extraction, absolute making, plant care, filling orders, inventory management, marketing. If you are looking for something specifically addressed to the reader, with guidance in mind, this is not for you. If you are, however, looking for a window into the day to day of natural perfumery, the behind the scenes of a woman owned and operated creative business, or if you are like me and you just love personal and handwritten records, you might enjoy this digital download.

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