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New perfume announcement: Leather Damask.

Leather Damask ☽•☾ natural perfume

a l c h e m y ☽•☾
Tanned rose skin wallpaper. Burnished purple hide. Edwardian leather. Damascena blunts the size of sausages. Upholsters any gender. Color may vary.
☽•☾ Featuring handmade in house extracts ☽•☾
Cognac absolute
Costus root absolute
Frankincense resinoids
Myrrh resinoids
Bay leaf absolute
Tonka bean absolute
Sarcocaulon mossamedense resinoid
Calamus absolute
Smoke enfleurage, vars.
☽•☾ Wild harvested by the perfumer:
Wild Vermont balsam poplar bud absolute
Wild Vermont blue spruce resinoid
☽•☾ From the Wild Veil Perfume gardens:
Rosa damascena enfleurage
Vanilla absolute
Cured Virginia tobacco leaf absolute
Gum labdanum absolute
Patchouli leaf absolute
Photo: my organic gardens of old roses.
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