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New perfume announcement: Ghost Flower. solid perfume with in house extract of wild fresh monotropa uniflora, "ghost pipe," "ghost plant." Rare, limited quantity.

Ghost Flower ☽•☾ solid perfume
Pale wonder. The translucent candle snuffer of the forest floor, fungi munching, meat eating mycoheterotroph. With tincture of wild Monotropa uniflora I harvested directly from the old growth woods at my home in Vermont, and resins, herbaceous flowers, and wild Australian tobacco flower that I grew from open pollinated seed and enfleuraged. Green, primordial, and unctuous aroma profile. Ghost Flower is a solid perfume and gender neutral. Due to the rarity of Monotropa uniflora plant and the care taken by the perfumer not to overharvest, as well as the 100+ charges of wild Australian tobacco flower, this perfume is very limited in quantity and may not be replenished. Claim one now if it calls to you.

Photo: wild ghost flower growing out of the forest floor in the primeval forest at home (Monotropa uniflora, "ghost pipe," "ghost plant," "Indian pipe").


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