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Peony Enfleurage July 2019, Central Vermont

Organic Peony Enfleurage July 2019, Central Vermont. A vegan, organic, handmade, botanical solid perfume produced by hand using the slow artisanal process of cold enfleurage from my family's 36 year old heirloom high fragrance peonies, collected in summer. These peonies are from one of the oldest extant lines, begun over 150 years ago, and on our site they are grown on terrain high in granite and silt. Please note, this is indeed a truly organic peony fragrance-- a rarity. The scent is quite delicate but a sharp and green floral. I have a very limited quantity.
The July 2019 vintage boasts rosy, mineralic and schist notes, and the scent of freshly broken hardwood twigs.
Photo: the Wild Veil heirloom peony gardens.
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