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Perfume reformulation: World.

World has been reformulated as an expression of petrichor that is osmanthus heavy and humid, rather than dark and camphoraceous, its previous interpretation. And it is included in my 40% OFF FLORAL sale today and tomorrow: take a massive discount on more than 170 perfume and enfleurage products with FLORAL40 at checkout.
World ☽•☾ botanical petrichor fragrance
a l c h e m y ☽•☾
Elemental aroma of earth. Petrichor, the electric note of stones anticipating moisture, and soil after rainfall, rises in wet vapors from sandali mitti (baked earth attar). A rumor of wet flowers + fossils. The feeling of stepping on musky damp peat in a forest. This harmonic elixir centers on the fullness of the cosmos, synthesis, and astral digestion. For any gender. Vegan.
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