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Return of retired perfume: Gush.

RETIRED SCENT Gush has been brought back for a trial run.

Gush ☽•☾ natural perfume

a l c h e m y ☽•☾
Dirty vanilla deep in a patchouli snifter. Sugared orange blossom swirled with crimson blood orange  and vetiver bitters. A juicy animalic tango with dry cognac. Styrax and indole hover above hyrax musk. Smoky, sweet, and intoxicating.

n o t e s ☽•☾
vanilla Madagascar, patchouli, vetiver, cognac, hyraceum*, styrax resin, orange blossom, blood orange. *ethically sourced musk from the rock hyrax.

Photo: orange blossom enfleurage, Wild Veil perfume gardens, 2022.

© 2023, Abby Hinsman for Wild Veil Perfume.