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Sage Scrub. Natural perfume fixative from homegrown white, Baja, and black sages and chaparral.

Shown on a bed of cured Salvia leucophylla, Salvia apiana, Salvia mellifera grown from open pollinated seed in my gardens and responsible for the compound's deep green color and rich aroma.
a l c h e m y
Earth crust amber, a dab of black and white sage honey, sun-activated trichomes sticky with sand and ocean salt. Baja California's version of a "fern" (fougère), crenulate and rough. The Wild Veil Sage Scrub fixative features dry, desert herbs characteristic of southern California's coastline and the Baja California peninsula. It includes my handmade, organic absolutes: chaparral, and dried Salvia apiana (white sage), Salvia mellifera (black sage), and Salvia leucophylla (Baja sage), all grown in my gardens from open pollinated seed. Notes of tumbleweeds, dry rush, and Pacific bluffs.
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