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Texture of star jasmine cultivars

There is a noticeable contrast in the floral texture and scent between star jasmine cultivars. What are the implications for enfleurage? Not only can they be extracted separately to produce distinct aromatic results, but the physical compositions of their corollas (petals) demand different treatment on the pommade chassis. Native to east and southeast Asia, Trachelospermum jasminoides bears actinomorphic ("ray-formed," "radial," "star shaped") rotate flowers, meaning they are radially symmetrical. Even though their flowers look like they are five-- occasionally six-- petaled, upon closer inspection one can see that their corollas actually comprise a single fused petal: a central tube that flares out into five curving lobes resembling a pinwheel, rather than five free petals attached to the calyx by individual claws. The white flowered variety perfumes the air with a lush, humid, and wet scent. It is inimitable and unmistakable, with anol or (E)-4-propenylphenol making up a high percentage of its floral volatiles, along with the lignan trachelogenin amide. The orange variety, less commonly seen in the contiguous United States, has petal lobes that are broader and less tightly curled, giving a looser appearance than one sees in the white cultivar. With a licorice-orange scent, it represents a complete aromatic departure from its relative.
     In their wilted states, both flowers become sticky and soft. When well hydrated, marked differences appear in the petal tissue. The white variety has a paper-like crispness, while the orange breed feels gummy. This means that, dependent on other factors like density of the spread and ambient temperature and humidity, the white cultivar can be left to desiccate on the pommade. It will shrink and shrivel to the stiffness of dry papier-mâché. The orange type, if left unattended, dissolves into a brown goo.
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