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Tuberose "Omixochitl"

"Omixochitl" ("bone flower" in Nahuatl: "omitl" "bone" and "xochitl" "flower"), was cultivated and prized by Nahua in pre-conquest Central Mexico. Prior to cultivation, tuberose was probably a wildflower native to the region. Unfortunately any botanical record seems to have been lost to or erased by colonization, along with so many other Nahua histories.
Tuberose emits a cool scent, most similar to plumeria's lactic silk fragrance, with the lushness of star jasmine. 1980s suntan lotion, grass, milk foam, Baja sun, beeswax, the marine layer, lily, angel's trumpet, wintergreen. But scents are more than catalogs of notes. They can flood us with memories. They can be overwhelming and unexpected reminders of the past: the beauty of experiences and the horror of their passing.
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