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What are the strongest enfleurages?

Not all enfleurage is created equally, nor is the outcome the same. Some infusions require tens of thousands of individual blossoms, and over 100 charges: lilac, osmanthus, violet vars.

Some tens of thousands of individual blossoms, and fewer than 100 charges: star jasmine, orange star jasmine, orange blossom, calamondin blossom, lily of the valley, parijat, narcissus, hyacinth, honeysuckle, nicotiana vars.

Some hundreds of flowers and over 100 charges: plumeria, waxflower (Hawaiian wedding flower/Stephanotis floribunda), white peony, rose vars.

And some hundreds of flowers and fewer than 100 charges: gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, banana magnolia, magnolia vars., ylang ylang.

Even with treatment tailored to each species' (and even each cultivar's) habitus, there will be variation in the outcome. For instance think of the power of a single gardenia blossom as compared to a single lilac blossom: not a bunch (panicle), which contains hundreds of individual blossoms (florets), but the tiny four or five petaled flower.

My strongest enfleurages are the following: gardenia, tuberose, orange blossom, narcissus paperwhite, and star jasmine. All are included in the 50% OFF sale running now. Details follow.



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