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Aquarius. enfleurage perfume. piñon, santal, palo santo, lapsang souchong, breuzinho
Aquarius. enfleurage perfume. piñon, santal, palo santo, lapsang souchong, breuzinho

Aquarius. enfleurage perfume. piñon, santal, palo santo, lapsang souchong, breuzinho

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Aquarius ☽•☾ enfleurage fragrance

a l c h e m y ☽•☾
To serve a sign renowned for originality, my new Aquarius blend weaves together several of my most unusual personal extractions. Smoke, precious woods, tea, and incense for the free spirit. I have burned Palo Santo in a variation of enfleurage, capturing the Ecuadoran wood as incense. Warmer than the essential oil, this extraction has the feel of firewood with Palo Santo's trademark floral and powdery back notes. It joins two forms of Piñon pine (Pinyon). The essential oil is buttery, floral, woody, with hints of peach. The absolute I have extracted from hunks of resin has a darker, gooey feel. It's a fiery red hue, and smells of resin, booze, and pine needles warmed by the sun. Where the essential oil is crisp, ethereal, and clear, the absolute renders the tree as a gentle, pipe-smoking grandfather. Lapsang Souchong tea, the leaves of which are smoked over pine fires, balances the incense and the Piñon while adding the calming element of tea. I have tinctured and evaporated Lapsang into an absolute that is smoky, rich, and mysterious. Layers of spicy sandalwood poke through. The essential oil can be quite subtle; so as not to be overshadowed by the powerful players already mentioned, I made an absolute from Santalum Album (Mysore Sandalwood) chips. It has incredible tenacity, perceptible on a fragrance strip for days. Unlike the milky tears from the essential oil, my handmade Mysore sandalwood absolute is sticky, red, and spicy. This ethereal but potent essence swirls in the base notes, a suave baritone. Petitgrain sur Fleurs from Egypt lifts the composition out of the woods, above the smoke, and into bright sky. It's floral, woody, and spare. Earthy raw beeswax and Breuzinho resin smear sweet, woodsy wax. Representing the Amazonian jaguar, Breuzinho was once revered by Ancient Mayans as a holy resin. Its airy correspondences make it perfect for Aquarius, and like Aquarius, it is a bit unconventional. As with most resins, Breuzinho exudes from trees. But before it hardens, Amazonian bees drop pollen into it, imparting the resin with a complex pollen note that is something like hay, something like honeycomb, and something like grassmilk. It is bittersweet, earthy, grassy, coumarinic and musky. The absolute I have produced from Breuzinho binds the smoke, precious woods, and conifers in Aquarius with a beautiful warmth. Color may vary.

For any gender, particularly those with Air in their charts.

Photos: Cistus creticus grown from open pollinated seed in my organic perfume garden and old stock Palo Santo from Ecuador.

s i z i n g ☽•☾
Solid perfumes are available in sizes of 1ml (a sample of approximately 20-25 drops), 5ml and 10ml. 1ml (sample size) comes in a hinge top pod. 5ml comes in a clear glass jar. 10ml is available in a glass jar or a round tin. Please make your selection from the menu.

r a w ☽•☾ m a t t e r
Wild Veil natural perfumes are composed by me, Abby, using homemade, wildcrafted and organic aromatics in Vermont. These include my handmade enfleurage, tinctures, enfleurage extraits, absolutes, resinoids and concretes, and floral waxes. I spend as much time growing plants and foraging as I do composing perfumes.

l i q u i d ☽•☾
Wild Veil oil perfumes are suspended in an odorless base of organic MCT coconut oil. As they do not contain water, liquid perfumes do not expire, and may improve with age. While the volatile top notes (the ones that hit your nose first) will fade after a year or more, the base and heart notes will deepen and grow more complex.

s o l i d ☽•☾ b e e s w a x
In solid perfumes this silky transparent base (above) mingles beautifully with the earthy, honey musk of organic beeswax. Raw beeswax traps the aroma molecules, releasing them over time for an intimate experience.

h o w ☽•☾ t o ☽•☾ w e a r
The best way to experience a natural perfume is to apply it to well-moisturized skin, without rubbing in (absorption only shortens the wear time of fragrance) and without scrubbing off. Natural perfumes are dynamic and take a minimum of 2 hours to reach their final stage, or dry down. Enjoy the alchemical changes as they unfold from the initial intensity of top notes, to the warmth of the heart, to the depth of lower base notes.

☽•☾ Wild Veil ☽•☾ alchemy between earth and ether ☽•☾

☽•☾ All aesthetic material copyright Abby Hinsman 2019 ☽•☾