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Immortal. anti-aging cream with helichrysum and nutrient dense essential oils
Immortal. anti-aging cream with helichrysum and nutrient dense essential oils

Immortal. anti-aging cream with helichrysum and nutrient dense essential oils

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Immortal •• organic anti-aging face cream.

All natural elixir with some of the most powerful (and rare) wildcrafted and organic essential oils for skin therapy, rejuvenation, and protection. A little will go a long way. The blend contains organic essential oils of: helichrysum (immortelle), carrot seed, and wild high elevation French Lavender. CO2 extraction is used on plant sources that will not produce oils through steam distillation. CO2 extraction may also be used to increase the therapeutic concentration of plant sources that can undergo steam distillation as well. The organic CO2 extracts included in Immortal (for both reasons) are: calendula, frankincense, sea buckthorn and rosehip seed. A nutrient-rich emulsion of raw organic shea butter and local beeswax conveys the healing botanicals to your cells and tissue for maximum therapeutic benefit. Color may vary.

1 oz. (30 ml). Handmade to order and poured into a lovely tin marked with a handwritten seal.

Ingredients: vitellaria paradoxa (certified organic shea butter), local beeswax, helichrysum italicum (certified organic helichrysum essential oil), daucus carota (certified organic carrot seed essential oil), lavandula angustifolia (wild high elevation French lavender essential oil), hippophae rhamnoides (certified organic sea buckthorn CO2 extract), rosa canina (certified organic rosehip seed CO2 extract), boswellia carteri (certified organic frankincense CO2 extract), calendula officinalis (certified organic calendula CO2 extract).

Photos: full size cream with handwritten label, resin calendula in my organic perfume gardens.

I carefully source the ingredients for my handmade natural skin and hair care products from essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, tinctures, flowers, herbs, and other botanical materials, wild harvested or organic when possible. Because I do not use preservatives, fragrance oils, artificial colors or flavorings, SLS, or parabens of any kind, products are best used within a year for most potent aromatic as well as therapeutic benefits.