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Norway Spruce Absolute
Norway Spruce Absolute

Norway Spruce Absolute

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Wild Veil Norway Spruce Absolute ☆ Organic, handmade, and ethically collected from wild stands of Picea abies in the old growth forest at my home in Vermont.

☆ Wild Norway Spruce Absolute ☆
Powdery, sweet, and jammy are some of the notes in this deep, aged extract of Picea abies boughs and needles collected in spring from the primeval forest at my home. I left the branches in tincture for 2 years to develop a complex, spruce liquor aroma. Without anything in the way of harsh balsamic or sharp body odor notes characteristic of pine, spruce, and fir essential oils, my Norway Spruce Absolute is fruity, with coumarinic and resinous notes thanks to the technique and the amount of time I left it to age. Its profile is rounded and smooth. If you have not smelled handmade conifer absolutes before, you may not recognize it as such! Truly an olfactory pleasure.

     The Norway Spruce Absolute is a Wild Veil natural perfume ingredient made using the old methods of long term tincturing in plantbased, high proof alcohol (food grade ethanol), followed by gentle evaporation to preserve the top notes.

Available in 1ml, 2ml, and 5ml sizes. Absolute is dark green, almost black in color, with greenish gold flecks that glitter in the sun. It is syrupy at room temperature. Refrigerate to preserve freshness. Gently warm to improve mobility.

Note: tenacious middle to base note with wonderful fixative properties.

Photos: my handmade absolute in a 10ml glass jar; absolute in 5ml amber glass.

☆ Wild Veil never uses heat, steam, or non-organic solvents, all of which can alter the natural aroma profiles of plants ☆