Octopus. natural perfume. kauai vetiver + petrichor.

Octopus. natural perfume. kauai vetiver + petrichor.

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Octopus ☽•☾ natural perfume from handmade extracts and tinctures

a l c h e m y ☽•☾
Kauai vetiver, lotus blossom, and incense-- a chameleon that is not what you expect. My 1 year tincture of Kauai vetiver undulates and shimmers. This is not the heavy, thick syrup of vetiver essential oil or CO2 extract. My tincture is ethereal and light, a rosy diffusive mist that balloons with pepper and incense. No smoke, no cooked grass. A vetiver top note unfurls, inflating its color changing tentacle. Savory, earthy incense tinctures from my shelves line the sandy base: lotus blossom Nepal, and Tibetan herbs. Red crystalline grains of sweet sulfur. A composition from my own extractions, based in high proof organic alcohol. Gender neutral and vegan. Color may vary.

Photo: my handmade absolute of Tibetan lotus blossom incense.

r a w ☽•☾ m a t t e r
Wild Veil natural perfumes are composed by me, Abby, using homemade, wildcrafted and organic aromatics in Vermont. These include my handmade enfleurage, tinctures, enfleurage extraits, absolutes, resinoids and concretes, and floral waxes. I spend as much time growing plants and foraging as I do composing perfumes.

h o w ☽•☾ t o ☽•☾ w e a r
The best way to experience a natural perfume is to apply it to well-moisturized skin, without rubbing in (absorption only shortens the wear time of fragrance) and without scrubbing off. Natural perfumes are dynamic and take a minimum of 2 hours to reach their final stage, or dry down. Enjoy the alchemical changes as they unfold from the initial intensity of top notes, to the warmth of the heart, to the depth of lower base notes. For more information on how to wear natural perfumes, see my "About" shop section.

☽•☾ Wild Veil ☽•☾ alchemy between earth and ether ☽•☾

☽•☾ All aesthetic material copyright Abby Hinsman 2019 ☽•☾