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Scorpio Moon. smoke enfleurage fragrance. incense, wood, resin and tree moss

Scorpio Moon. smoke enfleurage fragrance. incense, wood, resin and tree moss

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Scorpio Moon ☽•☾ enfleurage fragrance

a l c h e m y ☽•☾
An intensely personal creation, Scorpio Moon is composed exclusively of my own proprietary extractions. From smoke, wood, and incense enfleurage, to tinctured absolutes from moss and lichens I have gathered in the winter woods, it is meant to be a resinous, mossy, woody, spicy, and smoky behemoth with tons of incense. The emotions of lunar Scorpios undulate with the dynamism of water and the power of the moon, so over a few weeks I coaxed the "jaguar" resin called Breuzinho out of its hardened shell and into a gooey, oozing, and dark red absolute. Please note this perfume is only available in solid form. Color may vary. Vegan.

Photo: trunk of a dying tree in my old growth hemiboreal forest.

n o t e s ☽•☾
All extractions are proprietary. Oud wood smoke enfleurage (agarwood/aloeswood), opium flower incense enfleurage, sandalwood (santalum album chips, powder, and sticks) smoke enfleurage, nag champa enfleurage, Egyptian kyphi incense enfleurage, Northern tree moss absolute (wild and local rock lichen, usnea, cedar moss and pine tree moss), oud absolute (from organic Aquilaria malaccensis chips and powder), and Breuzinho absolute (from the raw resin).

s i z i n g ☽•☾
I offer this enfleurage perfume in sizes of 1ml (a sample of approximately 20-25 drops), 5ml and 10ml. 1ml (sample size) comes in a hinge top pod. 5ml comes in a clear glass jar. 10ml is available in a glass jar or a round tin. Please make your selection from the menu.

r a w ☽•☾ m a t t e r
Wild Veil natural perfumes are composed by me, Abby, using homemade, wildcrafted and organic aromatics in Vermont. These include my handmade enfleurage, tinctures, enfleurage extraits, absolutes, resinoids and concretes, and floral waxes. I spend as much time growing plants and foraging as I do composing perfumes.

h o w ☽•☾ t o ☽•☾ w e a r
The best way to experience a natural perfume is to apply it to well-moisturized skin, without rubbing in (absorption only shortens the wear time of fragrance) and without scrubbing off. Natural perfumes are dynamic and take a minimum of 2 hours to reach their final stage, or dry down. Enjoy the alchemical changes as they unfold from the initial intensity of top notes, to the warmth of the heart, to the depth of lower base notes.

☽•☾ Wild Veil ☽•☾ alchemy between earth and ether ☽•☾

☽•☾ All aesthetic material copyright Abby Hinsman 2019 ☽•☾