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Wild Vermont Black Spruce Absolute
Wild Vermont Black Spruce Absolute
Wild Vermont Black Spruce Absolute

Wild Vermont Black Spruce Absolute

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Wild Veil Vermont Black Spruce Absolute ☆ Organic, handmade, and sustainably collected from wild stands of Picea mariana that grow in the boglands in my old growth hemiboreal woods.

☆ Wild Vermont Black Spruce Absolute ☆
Do you want to smell like a tree in the taiga? A muskeg black spruce standing tall and lean against the peat? Grape colored cones clustered at the crown, sphagnum bog below. Secretly preserving a blackberry jam perfume, a vessel which when dead will be draped in fruticose lichen, old man's beard, and evernia, the gray-green curtains of the swamp? If so my multifaceted absolute from Picea mariana boughs collected in spring will help you get there. I collected broken black spruce foliage from my hemiboreal old growth forest, where it grows rampant, and left it in tincture for a year to develop a sweet, jammy, aroma. This does not smell like a Christmas tree, but like a fresh baked blackberry pie. In fact, if you did not know this extract is coniferous in origin, you might think it is a fruit absolute. Like my other handmade conifer extracts, its profile is vibrant and intoxicating, like sticky life. Organic.
      The Wild Vermont Black Spruce Absolute is a Wild Veil natural perfume ingredient made using the old methods of long term tincturing in plantbased, high proof alcohol (food grade ethanol), followed by gentle evaporation to preserve the top notes.

Available in 1ml, 2ml, and 5ml sizes. Absolute is black in color, with deep green highlights. It is thick at room temperature. Refrigerate to preserve freshness. Gently warm to improve mobility.

Note: warm, jammy middle to base note with outstanding fixative properties.
Photos: my handmade absolute in a 10ml glass jar; absolute in 5ml amber glass bottle. All labels are drawn with pen and ink and lightfast oil-core colored pencils and digitally edited, by the perfumer.

☆ Wild Veil never uses heat, steam, or non-organic solvents, all of which can alter the natural aroma profiles of plants ☆