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Women's Bestsellers: Natural Perfume Trio. Sampler of 3 Wild Veil liquid perfumes. Gift set for her.
Women's Bestsellers: Natural Perfume Trio. Sampler of 3 Wild Veil liquid perfumes. Gift set for her.

Women's Bestsellers: Natural Perfume Trio. Sampler of 3 Wild Veil liquid perfumes. Gift set for her.

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Gift set sampler with 3 of my bestselling natural perfumes for women: Bastet, Lotus Musk Attar, and Hothouse. Color may vary.

Bastet - Egyptian temple perfume inspired by Bast, goddess of cats and perfume. Mysterious, ancient palm fronds fan the goddess. From an alabaster urn she scoops out a hunk of black, sticky incense spun with crushed spices, honey wine, currants, figs, mossy tendrils, mint, sweet fir, and balsams imported from the Horn of Africa. Precious woods-- oud and boozy poplar-- coated in a sweet varnish, spearmint, and cinnamon dusted bread rise off of the sticky black cube as it begins to smoke. If kohl were candlewax, it would produce this warm, buttery, black glow. Inky, creamy, iconic. Saffron makes pungent stabs but melts into adipose petals of rosy honeycomb. Pine needle boughs brush the air. A soft rush, heart of fir set in dark paste. Cloves run wild. Pastilles of perfumed wax melt on your temples, dripping onto bare shoulders and feet pounding the temple stone to dust. Temple to temple, dust to dust. Bastet lingers in rich and spicy relief on a trail of cooling, licked skin like a scented fingerprint from a long-lost ritual.

Lotus Musk Attar - Pink lotus and agarwood blend into rounded ambergris-like magic. The champa, myrrh, agarwood, and sandalwood in some of my favorite fragrant Indian and Tibetan incense inspired Lotus Musk, a traditional attar, handmade and aged for three years. Fifteen aromatics distilled from herbs, resins, roots, and wood, developed complexity over time as their sandalwood base unified around the unique alchemy of pink lotus and agarwood. An amber musk imparts resinous warmth during the tenacious and long-lasting dry down.

Hothouse - Attack of the white floral flesh. Tuberose soliflore with an exotic amber base. A coconut zephyr winds through humid tropical nectar from white waxy flowers. Indolic jasmine, creamy cananga, and canary yellow ylang ylang surround lush, unfettered tuberose. Green galbanum and warm spices speckle a Tahitian vanilla base with gooey balsams.

Each natural perfume comes in a 1ml clear glass perfume vial with an applicator cap. This is a sample of approximately 20-25 drops, enough for 4-6 wears, per perfume. All three vials will have handwritten labels, and they arrive nested inside a gift box filled with flowers, mosses, and plants that I have pressed and dried.
Photos: fragrant Nahua plumeria enfleurage and Alba roses in the Wild Veil perfume gardens.

r a w ☽•☾ m a t t e r
Wild Veil natural perfumes are composed by me, Abby, using homemade, wildcrafted and organic aromatics in Vermont. These include my handmade enfleurage, tinctures, enfleurage extraits, absolutes, resinoids and concretes, and floral waxes. I spend as much time growing plants and foraging as I do composing perfumes.

l i q u i d ☽•☾
Wild Veil oil perfumes are suspended in an odorless base of organic MCT coconut oil. As they do not contain water, liquid perfumes do not expire, and may improve with age. While the volatile top notes (the ones that hit your nose first) will fade after a year or more, the base and heart notes will deepen and grow more complex.

s o l i d ☽•☾ b e e s w a x
In solid perfumes this silky transparent base (above) mingles beautifully with the earthy, honey musk of organic beeswax. Raw beeswax traps the aroma molecules, releasing them over time for an intimate experience.

h o w ☽•☾ t o ☽•☾ w e a r
The best way to experience a natural perfume is to apply it to well-moisturized skin, without rubbing in (absorption only shortens the wear time of fragrance) and without scrubbing off. Natural perfumes are dynamic and take a minimum of 2 hours to reach their final stage, or dry down. Enjoy the alchemical changes as they unfold from the initial intensity of top notes, to the warmth of the heart, to the depth of lower base notes.

☽•☾ Wild Veil ☽•☾ alchemy between earth and ether ☽•☾

☽•☾ All aesthetic material copyright Abby Hinsman 2019 ☽•☾