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Fresh Cacao Flesh and Seeds: acloon, custaream and coralime

The milky sacs of flesh around the seeds give off a fresh and soft passion fruit and plumeria aroma. A sweet flavor like green mango and starfruit. Passion fruit tanginess lingers on the tongue with a bit of lime glitter. Opalescent slime clings to its seed like mango flesh, without the hairy fibers; this cacao is more like raw egg white hanging on its broken shell, reluctant to leave. Eating it makes you feel like a predator, abducting the little pupae in their beds, like baby teeth plugged into rows of apricot gums.
     The seeds have blue cheese frontal, followed by smooth and chalky ganache the texture of wet slices of clay.
© 2021, Abby Hinsman for Wild Veil Perfume.