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New enfleurage announcement: Cestrum nocturnum Enfleurage (night blooming jasmine). Rare. Vernix on décolletage, a cherry dirge, honeysuckle nectar, dark sweet compote, powder, heliotrope, Louisiana sidewalk.

An organic, handmade, botanical soliflore (single note). This solid perfume has been produced by hand using the slow artisanal process of cold enfleurage from my personal gardens of Cestrum nocturnum. Please note, this is indeed a truly organic and pure floral fragrance-- a rarity. Cestrum has a thick powdery scent halfway between heliotrope and honeysuckle. Vernix on décolletage, a cherry dirge. In fact, the outré perfume captured is a remarkable mimic of the aroma of fresh honeysuckle nectar (which is actually not present in honeysuckle enfleurage). It's like the vampire of nocturnal flowers, luring with a nauseating, but no less seductive, sweetness, and a name well suited to its fragrance: "night grave," "night hewn," "nocturnal cut." Limited quantity.
Literally, "in flower," enfleurage is a very traditional and pure method of extracting fragrance, utilizing only fat and plant material. To learn more about the enfleurage process generally and at Wild Veil, please continue reading the section below. Here, I have used enfleurage to capture the the seductive exhalation of blooming Cestrum nocturnum. This "pommade" (highly scented solid perfume-- not to be confused with pomade for hair!) consists of thousands of individual organic night blooming jasmine blossoms that I gathered from my perfume gardens, laid onto an emulsion of organic avocado butter and raw beeswax. I repeated this process to reach a degree of fragrance saturation. Each repetition is a "charge," and this enfleurage was charged the traditional 36 times. The enfleurage is joined with the honey musk of raw, organic beeswax melted at low heat. It is very much the opposite of the shrill, overpowering version of a synthetic floral you find at the fragrance counter. Only you and those closest to you will be able to smell it. Apply to pulse points.
Aroma: honeysuckle nectar, dark sweet cherry compote, powder, heliotrope, Louisiana sidewalk.
Note: middle.
Strength: medium.
Photo: fresh Cestrum nocturnum flowers charging enfleurage pommade.
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