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New perfume announcement: Aura Apiana. White Sage Soliflore.

Aura Apiana ☽•☾ White Sage Soliflore (single note Salvia apiana perfume).

a l c h e m y ☽•☾

Salvia apiana, bee sage. When, at the lightest touch, the leaves curl and fall off, we collect them. At the interval between life and death, just before the De Luz sun draws the waters out of the silver sarcophagi, frying their fragrant oils: like psychopomps, we scoop up their bodies to transport them from the plant world to the perfume realm. The aura of our GPS coordinates cast in cellulose. 4.87 acres hosting several thousand wild white sage plants in between the greasewood cover and over the orange scented threads of creosote. Not a reproduction: an extraction of a time and a place. Botanical contingency. These plants, these leaves, this place, this moment. Perfume as aura. Available as a solid perfume or as a liquid perfume set in organic alcohol.

n o t e s ☽•☾
Wild white sage (Salvia apiana).

Photo: wild white sage covered hillside on our property in De Luz, California.


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