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Would you like to grow your own perfume garden or design a fragrant landscape?

Would you like to grow your own perfume garden or design a fragrant landscape, guided by an attention not just to which plants are aromatic, but by detailed knowledge as to the time of day the plants emit their scent, bloom periods, how much they project, the intensity of the aroma, and a thick description of that smell? The Grower-Perfumer’s Encyclopedia of Smell brings the principles of perfumery to bear on the palette of the gardener. By meticulously documenting the growing conditions and behavior of perfume plants and fragrant edibles in her gardens in Central Vermont and Southern California, grower-perfumer and founder of Wild Veil Perfume Abby Hinsman has compiled an extensive record of experiential and empirical information on growing plants through the nose of a perfumer. She is now ready to share this record in the form of a phenomenological reference guide to smell. The Grower-Perfumer’s Encyclopedia of Smell will take you on an olfactory journey from the end of the hoe, to the perfumer’s cellar, to the nose’s studio. Richly illustrated with her own photographs of her plants and accompanied by botanical history, etymology, folklore, ethnobotany, and other relevant context, this book eschews generalities and dives deep into the micro. Hinsman takes a granular approach to aroma, looking at the distinct scent markers of cultivars within the same species, and scent variations within the same plant across different climates, times of year, terroir, ecosystems, and growing zones. Written at the intersection of diary and encyclopedia, this tome offers a naturalism wherein direct observation of nature strives for subjective accuracy. The Grower-Perfumer’s Encyclopedia will delight the aesthetic and sensory inclined as a conversation piece, but it also functions as a down in the dirt practical guide for the grower-perfumer.
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