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Scented Geranium Absolute from 10 pelargonium cultivars
Scented Geranium Absolute from 10 pelargonium cultivars

Scented Geranium Absolute from 10 pelargonium cultivars

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☆ Scented Geranium Absolute ☆
From 10 varieties of scented geranium, this absolute smells so good, nothing like the essential oil from the same genus. The aroma is suave and singular, somewhere between Lawudo incense, Indian agarwood, and pepper. Handmade with home tinctures of their leaves, infused and replaced with new material daily, for the entire summer. I then used old fashioned, non-industrial processing to naturally concentrate the extract into an absolute at 50% for ease of use and preserving the piquant top notes. Unlike the processing of fresh geranium tops by steam distillation, which produces geranium hydrosol and essential oil, I use the dead or dying leaves in my tinctures. The desiccated plant tissue or cellulose concentrates aromatic oils without being upstaged by competing leafy aromas. This state of decay actually amplifies the incense profile. With significantly less water content than the living leaves, the drying and dried leaves have no noticeable green-swampy scent. I love using ancient, non industrial techniques to extract scent. You don’t burn off the top notes during processing, it’s more sustainable (less plant matter used), and better for the environment (low waste, low manufacturing footprint, and the natural deadheading of the plants promotes flowering and higher output of oxygen into the atmosphere, and thereby consumption of co2 by our plant friends). The cultivars included in my Scented Geranium Absolute are:
• Black Flower (Pelargonium glaucifolium)
• Wildwood (P. quercifolium, P. panduriforme and/or P. pseudoglutinosum hybrid)
• Apple (Pelargonium odoratissimum)
• Apricot (Pelargonium scabrum)
• Grey Lady Plymouth (Pelargonium graveolens)
• Attar of Roses (Pelargonium capitatum)
• True Rose (Pelargonium roseum)
• Roger's Delight (Pelargonium domesticum)
• Ginger (Pelargonium torrento)
• Nutmeg (Pelargonium fragrans)
The Scented Geranium Absolute is a Wild Veil natural perfume ingredient made using the old methods of long term tincturing in plantbased, high proof alcohol (food grade ethanol), followed by gentle evaporation to preserve the top notes. Organic.
Available in 1ml, 2ml, and 5ml sizes. Absolute is dark burgundy, almost black in color. 50% in organic 190+ proof ethanol, it is liquid with great mobility at room temperature. Refrigerate to preserve freshness.
Photos: the absolute in a 60ml glass jar; absolute in 5ml amber glass.

☆ Wild Veil never uses heat, steam, or non-organic solvents, all of which can alter the natural aroma profiles of plants ☆